A Quick Look At LMS As A Modern Learning Tool For Individuals

LMS is a software application used to provide online training and e-Learning to its users. Trainer can upload and assign e-Learning content online and can keep a record of all trainees. Trainees can refer to that content time and again. Each user (trainee or trainer) has a different user-id and can be recognized differently. ATUM-LMS is available on mobile app and online


Advantages of LMS:


  1. An individual can be trained anytime and from anywhere in the world.
  2. A trainee can refer to e-Learning content as often as they require.
  3. Trainer can easily keep a record of the performance and can have the knowledge of progress of different users.
  4. All the data is safe and secure on the cloud.


A number of add-on modules are provided by LMS vendors to enhance aspect of learning and skilling. For Example:

  1. Polyglot – Multilingual add-on
  2. Mobius – Mobile offline app
  3. Atum Testpad – Quizzing add-on
  4. Gamiflexer – Game creation engine


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