Adequacy of Performance support systems in your business

What is a Performance Support System?

An Electronic performance support system (EPSS) is any computer program package which improves the user performance. It is also known as Performance support system. In corporate world, the primary emphasis has generally remained on mission support over learning, although the latter is typically achieved as well.

Why Performance Support system?

A performance support applications can successfully assist the employee in doing his/her job at the moment of need. Let’s look at a problem which an L and D manager presented – he has chosen the right learning management systems for their employees to teach the required course but when it comes to practical application they face problems in using the knowledge gained, in their tasks assigned. This could be due to the lack of availability of business cases pertaining to their work. These problems could be solved by backing up your learning management system with a suitable performance support system in the market.

How can PSS help your business?

Using these tools could help your employee to sit at the desk itself to accomplish the tasks, since all the aid is integrated within the software or website he/she is using. As the current generation is mobile savvy, mobile friendly tools which can be used on the move have become popular.There would be no need of help desk and also an application integrated with the mobile or a tablet could complete the tasks on the move no matter how complex. These tools strengthen employee performance and efficiency and reduce both training costs and time spent waiting for assistance. Some specific cases faced by Learning and Development managers could be a sales representative facing a challenge with respect to product knowledge; a technical trainee working on field in an Oil and gas company or it could be a civil engineer managing a construction project.

I hope this article was useful in understanding how to boost your workforce performance with performance Support Tools. Comment any specific features that came into your mind for PSS based on your requirement.

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