Is Articulate Storyline 2 the Right Authoring Tool For You?

Articulate Storyline Review

Articulate Storyline is the current game changer among the content authoring tools. These content authoring tools can be broadly segregated into 3 categories. Which are the following:

  • Capture based
  • Technical based
  • PPT based

What if we get a tool that has all these 3 things? That’s how the Articulate guys came up with a powerful tool called Articulate Storyline. It is a tool that enables the entire eLearning team be it a designer, a technical person or a content writer. It comes will in-built characters, interactivities, etc.

When it comes to system compatibility, you just need .Net framework configured in your system which can be done easily. So experience this powerful tool that serves your any eLearning or mLearning purpose.

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