Articulate Replay

Top 3 Reasons- Why use Articulate Storyline for e-learning?

There is a big user base that needs to develop and deploy software training rapidly, which comes with its own set of challenges and obstacles. Such as finding the ideal setup in your recording tool, simulate real-life environments, and working with dummy data in a testing environment. Let’s have a look at the features of Articulate Storyline when recording an interactive software simulation (ISM).
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Top 5 Reasons- Why you need animation for your learning?

Hey, Animation helps in enhancing and guiding eLearning in many ways, and educational animation tends to be a powerful tool when it comes to engaging and communicating with learning audiences. With Articulate, pieces of training and eCourse can be sculpted in a way to fit the interactivity and accessibility criteria which help to learn better compared to in-classroom options. Therefore, with customized animation within eLearning courses, you can optimize learning through interactivity. Here are 5 best reasons to use animation in Learning.  
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