How to Engage Those Who Don’t Want To Be Engaged?

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The title must have caught your attention by now. 

When education or training becomes boring, that’s when we lose the learner. “Learning” involves more than just memorizing information and facts. It requires us to retain the thoughts and then to apply those in a scenario. The learning becomes skills and then we can apply it in a real life situation even under pressure, in a variety of circumstances.

Game-based Learning, eLeaning, Interactive Learning
How can a good game design help in learner retention?

The games, or learning games do just that, they present the facts in an interesting manner so that one can retain them in their mind, and then the games make you apply those newly minted ideas into a real situation.

With a good game design you can create an ideal learning environment.

With interactive games we enjoy the learning experiences and remain motivated and actively engaged in the learning process.

So, say hello to game-based learning.

And create a game-based learning designs with a target to lure the learners into a virtual environments that is similar to the business environment that they will work in. This will strike their curiosity and at the same time enable them to quickly see and understand the connection between the learning experience and the real-life work/process.

In a good gaming environment, one will work towards a  real life skill/knowledge goal.  Based on the responses to the gaming stimulus various consequences or outcomes can be seen. In this risk-free setting the learners are encouraged to make mistakes, and experiment with options.

 Check out the various types of games that can be made: 

Game base learning, eLearning, interactive learning
   Readymade Gaming Templates
Game based Learning, eLearning, interactive learning
    Customized Gaming Templates
Game-based Learning, Interactive Learning, eLearning
    Scratch Gaming Templates

As a result of learning in a game based environment one feels enthusiastic about trying same scenarios in real life, and thus the  shift from the simulated environment to real one becomes natural next step.

Fortunately, for many years, video-games have been produced for learning and development, which have been successfully applied to a interesting range of learning needs in sales, finance, manufacturing, banking, retail, insurance, hospitality and healthcare.

One such gaming solution known as Gamiflexer contains a library of attractive game-based quizzing templates that can be converted to games by a layer. The Gamiflexer houses all the features of a learning management system (LMS) and therefore easily shows graphic progress reports and tracking information which helps in management decision making to steer the learning activities of the organisation. 

With Gamiflexer, we can enhance productivity of workforce by creating a learning culture.

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