How to Work With Feedback in Question Editor in Articulate Storyline?

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Articulate Storyline has a Question Editor that works with Feedback. With Articulate Storyline’s form-based Feedback window you can easily add text, audio, and branching to the feedback.

Also, you can use layers to show your feedback on question slides. When the learner submit their answer, a feedback layer overlays the content of the question slide to show how the learner had performed.

With Storyline you can make assessments that are instructive and interactive. You can give feedback to your learners as they answer questions, then the learners can branch into different parts of your course based on their responses.

The video tutorial in this blog will help you understand the following:

  1. How to Use the Feedback Window?
    • How to access the Feedback Window?
    • How to add and format Feedback text?
  2. How to Work With Feedback Layers?
    • How to edit Feedback Layers?
  3. How to Choose Feedback and Branching Options?
    • How the Feedback is to be triggered?
    • How to customize default Feedback messages?
    • How to branch to other slides based on Feedback?

Hope this video tutorial was helpful!

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