5 ways to become a better communicator at workplace

It appears so simple and easy to say or convey something. When it comes to the message reach to the listeners there are quite a lot misunderstandings, sometimes they don’t listen well and at some instances we don’t communicate well. Whatever be the situation one must be prepared to communicate in a hassle-free manner as words matter a lot in personal or professional arena. Listed down below are some important tips which I could make out make out of my experience in order to communicate better at workplace and might help you in increasing your efficiency while speech.

1.Taking deep breaths before starting up

One has to take sufficient long breathe because this helps in being clear while articulation of whatever spoken. Make sure the tone of your voice comes out loud while doing this activity as taking breaths could complement your pitch which is a good sign for communicating.

2.Keeping calm under pressure

There are instances where we are required to speak in front of our managers and most of us get tensed and nervous. That leads to chaos of the entire flow of your conversation. To handle these situations you could prepare what all you want to report in a paper and then use that to go one-by-one if you are very bad at your communication. Take it slow of whatever you want to speak.

3.Don’t expect anything from the listeners

Do not over-think and expect how people would react. Judging how the listeners are going to react is just going to stop you from what you have thought for a while. The thought barrier between thinking and overthinking is very much less which everyone of us must keep track off. It could ruin the entire thing you want to say and you will end up ruining what you wanted to say precisely.

4.Taking part in casual talks with people

Although this is not something which looks useful directly, taking part in casual talks could help you how people react to different set of opinions. This fetches you to abandon the barrier of thinking too much before talking.

5.Listen as much you speak

This is what you have to do if not done yet – maintaining balance between listening and speaking. Listening could make you knowledgeable about happenings. Whenever you communicate – what matters is the knowledge that you have and how easily you are making people understand. Listening helps alot in keeping updated yourselves

At the end of the day, the key to effective interpersonal communication comes down to practice. We interact with people every day. Some interactions can go well, while others may not. That’s part of the process. As long as you put conscious effort into improving, you will become effective at interpersonal communication over time. Hence, you will be able to communicate better at workplace.

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