A mobile application could solve your corporate communication problems – Want to Know how?

Corporate communications is something which is very important to companies. They could ensure to convey the happenings within and outside of the organisations and can enhance employee engagement. It helps all the stakeholders of the organisation to be updated with the changes occurring across the departments. Be it a team size of 5 or 500, people are curious to know what is the progress is. That is with which  they could show some insight and fulfillment of the place they work.

Activities like establishing public relations, investor relations, all the formal as well as informal events could be communicated. Ranging from adding up a table tennis room in the office to upgradations  in technologies. All are used by technical teams and employee engagement could be shared using the right means.

How can technology assist in corporate communication?

Today’s technology has the power of engaging people because of compliance of different types of creative content with mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Content digitization is the major field which helps us make the user experience quick and satisfactory. Generally, tools like Articulate Storyline could very much help in creating microlearning content. This is because of the easy-to-use features. And when the content is minimal, a user gets the crisp message of the purpose. This is what sought these days by smartphone users.

Why Mobile application got an edge over email communication?

As far as organisational communications are considered email is the very basic and old tool. This is where we have size limitations for files uploaded. Consequently, having a separate mobile application which supports every type of media will definitely help us communicate professional as well as fun content. Also a certain training-cum-assessment is planned to be taken by employees. It could be held with the help of the mobile application. This is what is not possible with email. Knowledge capsules for an employee’s professional career development could be notified on a regular basis. In conclusion, Powerful Quick tap surveys can be done using the mobile application on the various aspects of the workplace to improve the environment and etiquette.

“An effective communication constructs an efficient team”

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