Articulate Storyline – Boon to the BPO Industry

Articulate For BPO

Articulate Storyline, a rapid authoring tool from the Articulate team has a user-friendly interface. The different features like the characters, trigger animation or even the quiz samples are interactive and hence helps in creating a PowerPoint based presentation or eLearning content. Today many course designers and subject matter experts are using it. Outputs in HTML5, Flash and it can be easily played on any devices like laptops and mobile like iPad and android with the package.

Articulate Storyline publishes into SCORM, TIN CAN and AICC which helps in tracking of courses and managing the database when uploaded into any Learning Management System. Screen capture is another interesting feature of Articulate Storyline which helps in creating standard operating procedures (SOP), by capturing everything that is displayed on the computer related to process and thereby helping in creating SOPs. Consequently, it is a boon to the BPO and KPO industries. Subject matter experts or transition/migration teams can now shorten their travel time and reduce a lot of effort for themselves.

What is the BPO Transition Process?

During the BPO transition process, the Transition team of a BPO meets subject matter experts at outsourcing principle organization. The transition teams try to understand the business process explained by SMEs and take down notes. They also take screen captures of relevant screens shown by SMEs. Articulate Storyline automatically captures the screens shown as well as the explanation presented by the SMEs, thus there is no need for transition teams to note down everything. They can save a lot of time of analysis this way.

That not all, it also helps in creating video SOPs, word SOPs, simulations, assessments. With the help Articulate Storyline, the transition team could mimick the SMEs which is very much needed to fill any knowledge gaps during knowledge transition. Therefore, now the BPO transitions can happen remotely to a large extent, in this the Articulate Storyline can be installed on SMEs machine and the capture can be done without requiring any foreign travel at all.

Features of Articulate Storyline for easier Knowledge Transition
    1. Create contextual process based on different requirement from the client
    1. Add external files like PDFs, Powerpoint presentations into the knowledge process
    1. Add external video files and adjust the quality increasing the brightness, trim the bad quality parts
  1. Record and add voice note for the screen recording

Summary of benefits of Articulate Storyline for Knowledge Transition

  1. Quick customer sign-off
  2. Reusables files for plugging in SOP exceptions and changes
  3. Save time and effort of the learners
  4. Various easy-to-create formats of detailed SOPs in a single click
  5. First time right knowledge capture
  6. Outsourcing made easy using Articulate Storyline.

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