Articulate Studio 360 – The trident within Articulate 360 

Tools within Articulate Studio 360

Yes, Studio 360 can be called as the trident as it consists of the three content authoring prongs – Presenter 360, Quizmaker 360, Engage 360 for creating powerpoint-based courses easily with custom interactions, suitable assessments. As a matter of fact, all the three tools have specific features which make them self-sufficient implicitly and a master tool explicitly which turns out to be Studio 360. To summarize, there are many new features as well as enhanced features which can make course authoring easier and engaging. Now let’s dive into more details on features tool-wise.

Presenter 360

This tool can help you create powerpoint-based courses. All one has to know is how to use a powerpoint. This is the only and useful addition in the “Articulate” tab which helps users make awesome courses. This is similar to as if articulate presenter 360 is added as a plugin into the PowerPoint. It has the possibility to add character set, slide templates, from the ever-growing content library, engaging content from Engage 360, assessments and quizzes created through Quizmaker 360, web objects, Flash formats, audio, video.

Slide-Level Controls helps you set properties for all your course slides in one easy-to-use window, including navigation, branching, presenters, playlists, player tabs, and more. Few other features like animations, transitions, annotations which are common in powerpoint can be observed in presenter 360. Create courses with slideshows and check out the responsiveness for multiple devices without leaving the presenter 360 window. Also, you can restrict the orientation in which course is designed according to the suitability of course content.

Quizmaker 360

With Quizmaker, assessments can be made handy by adding three major question types. For example, Graded questions, Survey questions, Freeform questions. Additionally, within this categorization, there are 25 types of questions which helps the learner or test-taker to be active while taking the assessment. In addition to this, content library integration with Quizmaker 360 helps in creating assessments which are ideal for evaluation of learner’s grasp. Moreover, after creating the quiz, you can publish it directly to presenter 360, LMS, web, CD, Word. Consequently, this helps to use the quiz or assessment in different output formats.

Engage 360

Engage 360 is all about adding interactivity for making the end-user’s experience engaging. A content author always would need an easy-to-use interface to start with. Twenty (20) different type of interactions within Engage 360 makes course authoring much easier. Along with the possibility to create custom size interactions is an advantage. For instance, endless customization can be done with the help of Eyedropper tool and also choosing beautiful color themes. Record or import audio or video files, upload videos, crop, trim and change sound levels, add watermarks. Flash objects can be added as well. In particular, one special feature is you will not lose your work to create beautiful interactions if the application closes unexpectedly. You can continue from you left off.

Ordinarily, the possibility to publish into Articulate 360 from all the three tools makes it easier to be reviewed by all the team and clients involved. This is because of Articulate Review where you can see the created course, quiz or interaction. In conclusion, now you are good to insert your feedback as a comment.

To get your hands dirty on Studio 360, download your free trial. Once you download, master your skill with the help of free webinars.

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