Articulate Training: Benefits Of Certified Training

Gone are the days when Learning & Development used to be at the bottom of an organization’s priorities and business goals.

The world around us has changed and the working culture went through a complete paradigm shift, in just a matter of few months.

The beginning of the 18th century saw one of the world’s first correspondence courses. Three centuries later, we are seeing an influx of virtual training, owing to the current global situation.

While this pandemic has been a bane, the training world, especially the e-learning arena has become the major hotspot for people from all industries and spheres.

Everyone wants to get onboard the e-learning train and take this journey for their employees.

E-learning ensures that the learning needs of the employees are taken care of, irrespective of the geographies and changing global situations. With an “on-the-go” and “anywhere, anytime” delivery approach, e-learning provides continuity and convenience for the learners, making it a long-lasting and a sustainable learning solution in the times ahead.

E-learning has not only been adopted by organizations who were set in their ways, but they are now taking it up a notch by wanting to train their resources on authoring tools to become self-reliant.

We, as Articulate Partners, totally support this journey of organizations to become independent and adopt a culture of learning. We have Articulate certified master trainers onboard who are experts in the art of training.

You may think, why do you need to go through this training? Can I not self-learn?

Well, you certainly can. Articulate provides a range of learning videos that you can explore and learn your way. But, here’s the catch.

With our in-house Articulate experts, you not only get training on the tool, but you also get to learn the practical applications and the hidden best tips and tricks that Articulate has to offer.

We are the only people in the market who provide you this training, fashioned by experts from Articulate itself, which makes it, one of a kind.

And there’s more…

In addition to all the wonderful learning, you get answers to all your questions from our experts, and you don’t just get trained on Articulate, you get certified.

Lately, the number of virtual trainings and participants have been increasing.

Due to this pandemic, people have nowhere to go, even on weekends, and hence utilising their time in learning something new. We have realised that participants are getting more time to practise after each session, because they are spending more time in practice.

Since Articulate keep on bringing new features with updates, it never gets old.
Recently, Articulate has modified the Result Slide properties for better tracking and reporting of learners on LMS. Now, you can track your learners through different assessments results in your eLearning course. Here is the link for more info-

There is 360° image addition feature which is scheduled to come in near future. Using this feature, you can insert a 360° image and add markers on it to impart the learning.

Isn’t it amazing?

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