Articulate Storyline 2 Training Review

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What was covered in the Certified Articulate Storyline 2 Training?

A successful Articulate Storyline 2 training was conducted by Ron Price in Pune. It went on for a well over three days in which both the Basic and Advanced course were covered. The class comprised of individuals from organizations such as Bajaj Allianz, Essar, Sify, Capita Co, Trent-TATA, etc. Majority of the participants had been sent by their employer. They had limited knowledge of the program. The Articulate workshop aimed at people with several levels of work experience. It ranged from no prior experience up to several months of experience.

Day One

The first day of the three day workshop, focus was placed on the building blocks of Articulate Storyline: slides, layers, triggers, and states. The participants also got to learn a bit video and audio tricks. The workshop had a flexible schedule and provided lots of opportunities to practice. The workshop had a pleasant learning environment where all participants were given the chance to ask for help or more time.  The participant’s got to understand basically on how much time one should invest on a task and how much time spent is actually worth the benefit.

The workshop had a  “tell, show, and do” model and each participant had followed the “Bring Your Own Laptop” (BYOL) rule. The participants worked on the problems while the instructor demonstrated via a projector.  A major takeaway was that the participants got to learn various ways of solving a problem in Storyline 2.  The participants clearly got to understand that there are some methods that are generally more efficient and faster than others. So ultimately, the participants got to learn various short-cuts and best practices which would help in streamlining their course development process.

Day Two

The second day of the Basic class included the Storyline player, publishing, quizzes, and scenarios.  The participants had the chance to create various types of assessments and got to learn about the advantages of free form questions.  The workshop also covered how to create and work with branching scenarios. The third day was the Advanced class.  On the last day, the participants were introduced to variables (text, number, and true/false), JavaScript options, conditions, and progress meters. 

Why We Recommend Stratbeans’ Storyline Training?

As a learner, you can question yourself “Can’t I learn everything by exploring myself via online guides?”  Of course, you could learn everything that is taught in the class by yourself.  However, the training provides couple of unique advantages over self-study: 

    • You get taught how to work on Storyline 2 by an expert and with a hands-on, purposeful learning as opposed to randomly searching out answers on the internet. 
    • Our trainers provide the learners with steps of exactly how to do something while making sure efficient or “best practice” methods of accomplishing tasks are covered.
    • Our trainers constantly challenge the learners to consider how they would tackle a problem. 
  • The workshop makes the learners “think like Storyline” which enables learners to utilize more of the Storyline’s capabilities as opposed to being stuck in a linear “slide, next slide, next slide” mentality. 

This Advanced workshop will teach you many new methods and tricks even if you are an experienced Storyline user.  Our certified Storyline 2 trainers make sure that the Basic class flows seamlessly into the Advanced class. In summary, Stratbeans’ Storyline training course can greatly improve your abilities. 

Our Tips For Those of You Planning to Attend the Training

Our recommendation would be that if you are planning to take the training, you at least play around with the program.  With a little familiarity with Storyline 2, you will keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

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