ATUM LMS & Bytecasting LMS


A learning Management system (LMS) or Course Management System (CMS) is a product application for the documentation and detailing of preparing projects, study hall and online occasions, e-learning projects, and preparing content. ATUM Barium is Completely practical e-Learning framework including all the most helpful learning instruments: Flexible course the board, Multi Language support, Collaboration devices, Multiple LMS client jobs (administrator, instructor, understudy and so on), Completion testaments, full SCORM support, high level announcing and following.

You’ve probably heard the old adage, that the best things in life are free. While there are plenty of opportunities out there that do offer free software, it may be difficult to tell which ones are actually worth your time and effort. The Atum-LMS could be just what you’re looking for, though. It’s not only an effective mobile LMS but it can be used by more than 1 million corporate users worldwide, reaching more than one million unique devices!

Bytecasting  LMS

Bytecasting has built an LMS (Learning Management System) that’s specifically designed to meet the needs of Instructional Designers, LMS Admins, Training Managers and End Users. Here’s why you’ll  love Bytecasting!

Bytecasting has modules on e-learning collaboration, management and sharing, native content authoring, published SCORM Compressor and Web Authoring . It also provides training / gamification and reports. Intuitive User Interface as an e-learning collaboration tool to improve employee performance This part should talk about : Intuitive User Interface as an e-learning collaboration tool to improve employee performance is available on-premise or in a private cloud, single instance or multi-instance support. Bytecasting launch a unbeatable Feature like Content Authoring which helps you to create e-learning deliverable content to end users that no one LMS tool have.



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