Can we see M-learning platform suitable for Gen-z

M-learning platform or mobile learning as stated by “Google” is defined as “learning across multiple contexts. This is done through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices. Speaking in lay-man language, it refers to accessing learning resources. It can also be training assessments in mobile devices, like your tablets, smartphones, notebooks and handheld computers. Obviously it is portable, flexible model of learning and has been convenient for the users too.

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So how is this possibly the world of e-learning for the Gen-Z?  I  here would initially like to answer this question from the statistical angle. Then I will try to present my feelings behind the same.

Generation Z is the first to have internet technology so readily available at a very young age. The web revolution that occurred throughout the 1990s. Hence, they have been exposed to an unprecedented amount of technology in their upbringing. As technology became more compact and affordable, the popularity of smartphones grew exponentially. Considering our country, with 59% of 12–20 year olds owning a cellphone in 2015. Technology has strongly influenced Generation Z in terms of communication and education. According to a recent study, Indian users, on an average, spend 3 hours and 18 minutes every day with their smartphones.

The opportunity

The count would definitely increase when we would consider all the mobile devices. Based on a report released by Towards Maturity, roughly 47% of organizations are now using mobile devices for their online training needs. So, yes they are becoming analytical and deterministic about the prominent use of this platform by the users. Thus it is predictable that by the end of FY 2020, almost 70% of the organizations would try their hands on m-training. So I guess we have enough data that leads us to think about online learning. 10 years ahead, all sorts of mobile devices will be used by each kind in industry to train their employees.

Here are some variants of m-learning in Indian context:
  • Flipped classrooms: This is a new mode of learning. It is a combination of face to face content delivery. Also, online learning approach is taken to grow to a new level.
  • Game based learning: Mobile games are quite popular among the youth. Game based learning possess a large potential to seek user attention and buying.
  • Personalized learning: M-learning provides much flexibility to swipe through different courses and select the most useful and engaging one which user can learn at his own pace even in dead zones.
  • Social learning: Social media networks, especially the useful ones like blogs and sites like linkedin are great sources of value addition for learners.

So looking at the variants itself one can predict the benefits that m-learning and thus have the potential to be the gen-z learning mode. In one line, M-learning is handy, convenient, engaging, guarded by traveling disruptions, as well as highly interactive.

Stratbeans Consulting can sense the upcoming trend and thus has designed its products in an m-learning platform.  As a matter of fact, some of our products are completely focused towards m-learning. They include :

  • Mobius app
  • G0-sales app
  • Gamiflexer

So, if you feel you can make yourself comfortable with their use because these make you sound in the direction global trend is leading to.

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