Elearning ahoy! Full steam ahead.

Many Elearning businesses, like ours, might have you believe that it can address all your training and development requirements. Like most things in life, Elearning is a mixed bag. It has many unique benefits. It can create value for your business, but it also has limitations. In order to position you to make the right choices, we present to you some benefits. The deployment of Elearning might be able to deliver to your organisation. You must have recognised one or more of these benefits in the situation where you are contemplating deployment. Hence, we recommend you move FULL STEAM AHEAD.


Scalable learning

Elearning is INFINITELY SCALABLE. It can handle large numbers without the usual constraint of trainers, rooms, time, etc. Once you choose to deploy an Elearning intervention, you have effectively chosen to eliminate, at least in a large part, your variable cost associated with training. Hence, training requirements that are repetitive in nature, are often ideal for using Elearning interventions in.


Makes the SAME LEARNING EXPERIENCE available in the same manner to all, eliminating dependence on variable trainer quality and availability. If you ask young school-going children about their favourite subjects, in many cases their responses reflect the quality of the teacher. Their favourite subjects are likely to be the ones where the teacher is able to create a connect and interest them in the subject. Adults are no different. They will imbibe more and have greater enthusiasm where the trainer has been able to create a connect and interest them in the subject. In large, geographically dispersed organisations, many different trainers will run the same programme for different groups, leading to variance in quality of inputs and capability of learners. With Elearning, the quality of the BEST teacher can be delivered uniformly to all, regardless of geographical or any other limitation.


Cognitive approach

Enables employees to learn at their OWN PACE; no need to release a “batch“; eliminates work-hour wastage.

In a training class, everyone has to follow the pace of the class. Fast learners get bored while slow learners tend to switch off as they are unable to keep pace. With Elearning, each can learn at his or her own pace, without either holding others up, or dragging them along.

Elearning increases effectiveness by transferring initiative to employee.

Many organisations have mandated training programmes for employees. Either because someone higher up believes it will be good for them (the learners). Or because allocated training budgets need to be consumed. From the perspective of the learner, often it becomes a FREE PERIOD, when they can sit in a class and be free of the day-to-day responsibilities of their job. As you can well imagine, this does not lead to the best training outcomes. Elearning allows learners to OPT for courses they want to participate in, which is a better starting point for learning.


Cost Leadership

Does not add variable cost or effort per additional employee trained – unit cost keeps decreasing as the volume of training increases. There is an initial investment that is often required in initiating Elearning. It can be small or large depending on the coverage. Thereafter, training is ALMOST FREE for each new set of employees. Since they need to participate in the particular programme to excel. There are also incidental savings in the form of training rooms, trainers and scheduling and co-ordinating effort.


Handles majority of training and development needs, permitting L&D trainers to focus on specialized, HIGHER-VALUE INTERVENTIONS. Doing the same programme again and again can be a mind numbing task for trainers, and is a certain recipe for losing good ones. With the integration of Elearning into the mix, trainers can focus on activities that require interface with learners. Not only that,balenciaga schoenen verkoop they can invest more time and effort in research as well as development of interventions for meeting fresh learning needs.

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