Get all content assets at one place with Articulate 360 Content Library

How about getting any and every kind of content bits for better course authoring only within a click? Sounds cool, ain’t it? Particularly, now we have ‘content library’ within Articulate 360 integrated with Storyline 360 to search and insert different media very quickly. Generally, the media types include high-resolution photographs, wide-variety of icons or vector graphics, HD video, characters which are photographic as well as illustrated.

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Diverse and a large set of characters can be accessed and inserted into the course. In order to make a content author’s job easy, characters can be filtered by Style categorized into Photographic, Illustrated – Modern, Illustrated – Classic, Gender, Clothing, Age. Consequently, this helps in finding the right character to match the context. Together with these characters, you can create stunning visuals to get the attention of learners.

Storyline 360 Content library
Browse characters by applying filters
Storyline 360 content Library
Sample Character named Gianna
Storyline 360 - Content Library
Some of the exhaustive list of Poses and Expressions from Gianna

Click ‘Photos’ to get high-resolution photos on any topic of interest. Within a chosen template, placeholder feature helps you replace the already existing image or photo within no time.

Storyline 360 Content library


Click illustrations and query the desired word to get a huge number of related illustrations.

Storyline 360 Content Library


Insert icons which are vector graphics making them fit for any size on the slide. You can customize the icons by changing the color, stroke thickness, stroke color, part-wise customization in a whole icon.

Storyline 360 Content library Icons


Search high-quality videos from storyline 360 and insert into the slide. Additionally, you can even preview videos before adding them to your slide.

Storyline 360 Content Library
Preview video before inserting into the course

In conclusion, the content library can be defined as an ever-growing library of assets for quicker and engaging course authoring.

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