3 Great Reasons to Animate Your eLearning

Animate in Your eLearning Using Articulate

You should animate eLearning for the following advantages:

  1. Be short on investing time
  2. Wish to broaden their skill set
  3. Or want to refresh their knowledge of complex concepts

eLearning are easy to access, the interactivity and animation of 3d in eLearning can engage the learners even further in the corporate environment. With animation you can break down complex concepts so making learning in small chunks/micro learning. Such effective use of animations sets the positive tone for the learning environment resulting in higher motivation of the learner.

1) Get That Effective Tone

eLearning Animation works both as a visual and sonic stimulator; which results in capturing different emotions to empower and attract learners. So your the users emotions can captured to relax them or inspire them to work harder on the course.

Different Animation Styles For Different Audiences

For example, an outlandish, cartoon animation will definitely appeal to a younger audience while a classy motion graphic or whiteboard animation will be more suitable to a corporate audience. Simple background music and clear and concise dialogues will be the key to engage adult learners while the exact opposite can become a distraction and annoyance.

2) Create User Accessibility

Create audience-relevant and customized animations and 3d videos to optimize the learning material as it captures the learners’ environment. Animation also brings interactivity into eLearning, which is a big benefit. A good course design should factor self-paced learning allowing learners to control the speed at which they go over the content.

Keep Course Content Short and Sweet

Many animation based courses provide learning in smaller chunks, so a modern learner can access part of the course from any number of mobile devices from any location. Keeping the knowledge transfer short and sweet allows learners to get their work done little by little which results in a better assimilation of knowledge overall.

3) Create Knowledge Accessibility
Use Visual Aid!

Animation designed for rich content and audience relevance breaks down information for learners into smaller chunks. This helps in consuming the course with ease. With the help of animation static graphics become more relatable and understandable which results in an optimal learning environment.

With proper content design, it enhances the learning experience. For example, a whiteboard animation that provides the learner with a walk-through of a complex learning concept step-by-step via visual aid will reduce the cognitive load and ensure that the learner retain and understand the information. Animate eLearning to reap the benefits almost instantaneously.

Articulate Storyline 2

Animation helps in enhancing and guiding eLearning in many ways, and educational animation tends to be a powerful tool when it comes to engaging and communicating with learning audiences. With Articulate Storyline 2, trainings and eCourse can be sculpted in a way to fit the interactivity and accessibility criteria which help learning better compared to in-classroom options. Therefore, with customized animation within eLearning courses you can optimize learning through interactivity.

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