How are Organization growth and employee performance interdependent

Successful implementation of any organization’s goals & objectives depends largely upon the performance of its employees. Without them, machines can’t be run. From top management to labour, all have their roles to play at their own levels. Thus, in order to run any task in an organization successfully, it is required to maintain an internal management system. We are here to show how organisation growth and employee performance are independent.

EPMS (Employee Performance Management system)

This forms a main component of the whole internal management system. Naturally, it is one of the major elements which can affect company’s growth rates. Also, the reason because of which an organization plans to hire its competitor’s workforce to make a move ahead of its competitor in the market.

Thus, we realize the need of an effective performance enhancing and assessment tool. It can strengthen the internal management of the company. You take any industry, this is an utmost requirement. But still, we have varying nature of performance management systems depending upon an industry’s consumer facing nature and level of the organization’s hierarchy which is most involved in handling the operations part. Let us not go into this whole variation thing and look at the system in general. Afterall, organisation growth and employee performance are independent.

In order to drive the quality of performance in your organization, we help you plan, design, develop and recommend. It is used for implementing best practice of Performance Management Systems that provide valid basis for employee performance. We provide configurable solutions and user-specific PMS depending upon the requirement of your organization. Moreover, we realize the necessity of your organization to improve the effectiveness of their most important resource, their employees.

We create products that involve:
  • Continuous training of employees of an organization at their flexible pace and based on their needs.
  • Continuous evaluation of Training progress and employee’s skill growth rate.
  • Offline and online learning for enriching the performance of employees.

A quality performance management system is highly instructive for the organization’s work force. PMS also helps in reducing conflicts and tensions between the managers and work force and thus each outcome comes as a result of unified actions. But the only point here is that performance management needs to be carried carefully otherwise it can be disruptive too.

How about that! About 15 years ago, performance management as an organizational discipline was rather negligent and was used ineffectively to develop employees. According to a study conducted in year 2012, it was found that only 44% of organizations are able to deliver results using their own technology to handle the performance management system. This shows employee satisfaction as well. So, neither I nor these results say that other organizations were incapable of doing so. Indeed most of them are, but it is just that they are not able to pay particular attention to this area and thus an external help could facilitate them in managing the whole system quite well.

This is where Stratbeans come. We are into this particular domain for such organizations and are experienced enough with a robust technology to support their PMS.

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