Hospitality industry

These days this industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry and covers almost every segment of life-style. It is segmented into lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. It involves staff- consumer industry in an extent larger than every other industry. This point itself marks the importance of Human Resource Management i.e. HR in Hospitality industry. Now, let us analyze the requirement of this management.

Surveys and analysis have shown some significant statistics. They show that the recently the ratio of labor requirement to process materials or provide services came out to be 1:1 in hospitality industry. This is higher as compared to other industries in which the ratio comes out to be fairly less than 1.

This inch of data in itself says that the hospitality industry is highly – labor intensive. Thus there is much need to consider effective utilization of human resources here. So, employees need a proper training so that they could acquire knowledge and the skills required. Then they can operate within the systems and standards set by management. This is where HR comes into action.

Moreover, as the global market scenario keeps on changing, its largest impact is felt on the hospitality industry. Thus, with the help of training,  employees could  become aware of the implications of globalization, technology changes, workforce diversity, labor shortages, changing skill requirements, employee involvement, etc.  As these employees part a core role in customer management of this industry, the lack of sufficient skills and knowledge can affect the whole business operations which is highly dependent of consumer retention.

The most basic training for employees would include the following:
  • How to ensure rich service to the customers
  • How to tackle with different types of consumer behavior
  • Engagement of Staff and employees with the senior management.
  • How to adjust in different market scenarios.

These are must for employees to know as without having skills and knowledge in these areas,  businesses can get severely degraded. Stratbeans Consulting realizes the seriousness of the situation and has entered Hospitality industry with products like Autm- test pad, Mobius App, LMS (having TMS as an important component) tools and Go sales app.

These products are highly beneficial for the senior management of a business since the whole responsibility of training employees if taken by us and they are relieved from the much burdening work of training each new employee themselves and conducting their assessments. Our products get updated with the modifying market scenario, thus reflecting the same to their staff. We have so far managed to deal well with human resource management in this industry and are extending our reach to its every segment, thus creating a whole new revolution in the HR dept. of Hospitality industry.

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