Mend your on-the-move sales rep knowledge with a one-stop mobile learning remedy

Do you know that 40% of sales people can’t understand the customer’s pain? That must be because of the lack of knowledge of the customer’s requirements. It can also be their products while pitching and the subsequent panicking caused. Knowledge is power! Having access to almost the best available information would be a vital. This is the aspect of any operation but especially important in competitive sales environment. Fast sales rep knowledge helps you move forward.

I would like to present two major problems that sales reps face during a pitch or a meeting or a cold call or it could be a follow-up call.

1) Being unprepared

This is a most commonly seen in the corporate world. People get suited up to go for one-on-one meetings and bam! They are ignorant about their own product line. It is not possible to have a vast knowledge base over all the products. Though this would be very much unprofessional and could be a threat for the start of sales deal. Consequently, this is badly affecting one’s appraisal.

2) Speaking in generalities

Doing this could be very unclear to the client. Similarly, it also gives no idea about the offerings and will just be a vague discussion. “We offer XYZ product for large teams” is not so precise but saying “We offer XYZ product for a team size range” would be good to go with. Also the representatives are not perfect about some facet of their product. Again there is a negative impression.

Now you must be curious about what could help in solving the above issues. Let’s check on the remedy which could be of use to managers and reps. There are many mobile apps and tablet as well as web-based applications. They could serve as a requirement to solve these challenges. It is well-known that the job of a sales rep or manager is on the move often. So a mobile or tablet based application will supplement the cause. To be more precise mobile app would be a concise solution – size being the constraint.

A lot of companies are making this possible by developing Artificial Intelligence based performance support systems. Names like ‘virtual sales expert’, ‘on the move sales training’ are very common to the products of this kind. Third party integrations of the applications are very much possible to help client companies. They help to manage by linking with the corporate management systems. Likewise, this is where fast on-the-move sales rep knowledge acts as a catalyst.

As a  manager your immediate set actions will be:

    • Set quotas and give your sales team the tools to reach their goals
    • Design programs to dig out the challenges faced and help sales reps to overcome
  • Give tips to reach the key buyers of your product

In conclusion, to get all the actions done check Go Sales app. This would connect your sales team to the right set of resources which will lead your team as well as individuals to prosperity – Request for a demo

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