Micro-learning solution – an upshot of an offline mobile player application

Ever wondered how to learn while on travel or in places where there is no intMobile learningernet? Companies in e-learning are making this possible with integrating LMS. This has been doen at the mobile level where the upshot is seen as a micro-learning solutions.

Consequently, a user will only need a smart-phone. They are commonly used these days by almost every human to run the app. To begin with, this product application could be very helpful for organisations to train their employees. This can also educate customers who are frequently on the move. For instance it helps a sales representative to get updated with learning content after getting access from their head. Generally, people who travel a lot by flights or who stay in remote areas will definitely require this product. Usually this is because of a slow or no internet connection. A sales guy could learn how to pitch a product or a newbie could be made familiar with the HR policies. All this is done with a user-friendly mobile application using HTML5 video solutions. This is a direct effect of micro-learning.

The fascinating part

Now the interesting part of this type of applications is the “offline” usage feature. This becomes captivating to businesses as a  training solution because of its ability to make users learn, and the managers to track the reports with the help of dynamic dashboards. Concise course creating capability makes such performance support application an effective solution for rapid learning.

Technology point of view

The technology utilized in having the mobile LMS complies with SCORM and Tin Can API which is the standard nowadays.And micro learning, blended with mobile technologies, can enhance learning effectiveness by making learning contextual and personalized. This assures a no compromise situation in terms of customization for learners as well as trainer’s standpoint. Micro learning powered by today’s technologies is supportive with respect to device, time, and location.

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