Six Ways a Gaming Platform Can Benefit Your Training

Gamified Learning, gamification, game-based learning, GBL, Learning Management System

Research shows that gaming can produce effective learning as compared to the traditional mode of eLearning. With gaming techniques being used in the course material we can create content that enables problem-solving skills and creativity.

More so over, with the gaming concept, individuals do not have to face the negative consequences of failing as compared to real life; instead they get to start over again to improve their mistakes.

Game-based learning, gamified learning, gamification, GBL, learning and development, training and development, performance management system
Games in Your Training?

How Can You Use Gaming To Train Your Employees?

Gaming can be supported by multiple intelligences for learning such as logical, linguistics, interpersonal, kinetic, music.

– Games act as performance support and provide a competitive edge when combined with course trainings for learners.

– Game-based learning promotes active learning amongst learners.

– Games are built on advanced technologies and interactions that make them immersive, motivating and engaging.

– With gaming you get just-in-time learning.

– Game-based learning has storytelling features which create an effective training design.

How Does the Gamiflexer Help in Game-based Learning?

Gamiflexer, is a platform where a set of baked-in gaming templates exist for the users to substitute their set of questions. With this question substitution the end output is an instant game which can be around any desired theme (jungle, racing game, snakes and ladders, etc.). The learner than simply creates a username and password and gets access to the game; where training problems are through at them to solve and to move up a level.

Gamification, gamified learning, game-based learning, GBL, learning and development, training and development
Gamiflexer – Ultimate Gaming Training Engine

So the users innate drive to do something, or pursue activities that are rewarding along with external elements that we incorporate such as incentives, challenges, rewards and feedback; help to create an engaging environment. These games also have tactics such as the use of leaderboards, this ends up encouraging users to compete against one another for points. The dashboard contains the names and status (scores and level) of the players.

With the Gamiflexer you can distribute a set of assigned gaming trainings to your trainees and have them quickly be onboard with the learning material which they can apply in their daily job tasks. You have the option of having a single-player, multi-player, group-based, etc. set up for the games that are distributed.

The Gamiflexer can address many kinds of trainings such as for new recruits, managers, CEOs, and directors. With so many gaming templates to choose from, your organization can select whether they are looking for simulation games skills training. Character-based games to impart myriad trainings such as product/process knowledge trainings.

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