Stratbeans & IBM Mumbai Event – HR Leaders are you ready of AI / ML

Introduction to Stratbeans & IBM Mumbai Event on 31st Aug 2018, in Mumbai

The rise of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the future of eLearning. This is what we saw at Stratbeans & IBM Mumbai Event.
Predictions, algorithms, and analytics are coming together to create more personalized eLearning experiences. But how exactly will Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence (AI) transform the eLearning landscape in years to come? And how can your organization start preparing for these monumental changes in skilling your workforce today?
To know the roadmap, program in Mumbai an immersive session that can help your organization invest in an immersive LMS platform that features intuitive algorithms and automated delivery of eLearning content.
Learn about more personalized eLearning content, better resource allocation, automating the content delivery process,kopen dames ugg Classic improving eLearning RoI and creating more effective online training programs.

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  1. Chatbots are making their way into HR. At the beginning of this wave of change, we predict chatbots will change the relationship people have with HR technology.

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