The right Analytics behind an effective learning

Education is coming out of the closed classrooms. It is crossing all physical barriers to empower hard to reach learners in the form of eLearning. E-learning is the new face of learning. This is being practiced in various industries at different levelsusing analytics and learning, be it for learning various resources, training employees. Also, it is assessing the progress of company’s work force by the managers. But still, every company is not getting benefited by its practice in the same way. What if I told you analytics tools could do it for you. Let us look at the dollar expenditure on E-learning:

Screenshot (118)

So, the amount is uniformly getting doubled. But sadly the outcomes are not getting reflected in the same way everywhere. For this,  Stratbeans consulting has come up with E-learning Consultation offerings. Using  analytics and learning, users can now practice this mode of learning strategically and very effectively.

Offerings include:
  • Industry and subject matter experts: Our consultants do a very thorough training requirement analysis which guides in understanding and assessing the target users and the learning needs.
  • Robust Skill Gap Analysis : Help in the development of an effective learning program on an agile technology platform.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Help the customers implement advanced reporting and analytics dashboards to extract meaningful decision point.
  • Post- implement support : Ensure that maximum learners get benefit from  training programs.



Isn’t that a great progress in the field of e-learning? The timely analysis of the progress of e-learning training program ensures maximum utilization of the related resources and thus maximum efficacy of the whole program. The specific changes that the newer learning preferences will bring in the digital learning environment are taken into consideration. It is also to create the roadmap of technology adoption which specifies role of key technologies along with the peripheral ones. Stratbeans offers an in-depth consultation which guides our clients in being able to maximize benefits of eLearning program.

Now, for us remembering an e-learning strategy is more than just saying I am going to buy this or that and then when that happens figure out the rest. It is coming up with a game plan. After all, you do it on a weekly basis and don’t just don’t write it down. Learning and analytics will do the trick just fine in these cases.

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