Top 5 Things to Do to Improve Your eLearning Development Skills

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You need to be exceptionally well-tuned when it comes to an eLearning course development. Here are a couple of things you can do to improve eLearning development skills.

Improve Your eLearning Skills by Continuous Reviews of Your E-Learning Projects

You and your team should hold a weekly reviews of your projects; here the status, the issues, the next step are openly discussed about your eLearning project. Your team gets enabled to figure out what may be acting like a road-block in your project in terms of lack of resources, scope of the eLearning project being unclear to the team, a skipped deadline, etc.

A collaborative discussion leads to the discovery of new defects that your team can be prepared for when the next eLearning project arrives. Plus this brainstorming review session only aims at getting the best results out of the eLearning project.

Improve Your eLearning Skills by Asking For Feedback

Makes sure that you set a number of action items you have to finish off for your eLearning project then consult a team member to see whether you are on the right path. Keep the number of action items to a minimum so that the reviewer does not feel it is a burden for them to provide feedback. Plus the reviewer will be able to give you apt and well-pointed feedback of your eLearning project.

Improve Your E-Learning Skills with a Thought-Bank

Have a thought-bank where you can keep various eLearning examples that can help in generating new thoughts for your projects. In this thought-bank you can keep multimedia, interactions, animations, and visual design examples. This folder of thoughts can be your eLearning repository of creative knowledge; so if you ever get a creative-block; just peak in that eLearning folder to seek inspiration.

Improve Your E-Learning Skills with Your Personal Learning Plan

Have your own personal learning plan where you give yourself to learn about learn about course design and construction. Stay engaged about the latest trends in eLearning course design. You may initiate a blog that helps in documenting your eLearning project and build a community of people that can provide relevant feedback.

Improve Your E-Learning Skills with Practice

This skill building effort goes hand in hand with your thought-bank; which is filled with innovative ideas just waiting to be used. Start your eLearning practice by applying those ideas. This should be done apart from building a real eLearning course design. You will be getting a hands on experience on your eLearning authoring software, perhaps, Articulate and understand what features, interactions, actions, etc. work for you.

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