Weave A Story With Storyline Characters

Articulate Storyline Characters

Articulate Storyline comes with a power pack character bundle with two variations. One bundle is generically illustrated or in simple terms they are more cartoon like. The other bundle is full of photographic character or real life characters. Thanks to the Articulate guys for helping us in creating more interactive eLearning and digitized content. Storyline characters revolutionized the whole idea of creating eLearning and presentations.

If you want to understand how animation can help in the whole aspect of motivating your employees do read: Haven’t Yet Involved Animation in Your eLearning?

Sometime back, trainers would have spent a lot of time in researching how to engage learners and searching for those factors that would motivate them to take up training courses.I am sure today the trainers are relaxed about the fact that Articulate provides not only interactive content that would engage a learner but they get to experience story-like courses that have characters both illustrated and realistic. Articulate Storyline characters is a great tool that helps in creating eLearning and mLearning. At the end of the day this for sure saves your training cost.

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