What are the features that Storyline 360 has but Storyline 2 doesn’t?

Articulate 360 was launched with a diverse tool suite within to add collaboration and take responsive content authoring to a new level. Hence, out of all the tools in the suite, Storyline 360 has been one such offline applications which were developed keeping all the e-Learning developers and instructional designers in mind. Additionally, new features in large number have been added which can help the previous users of Storyline 2 and the new users to be effective at rapid content authoring. As a matter of fact, Articulate 360 by its name suggests that the new software has been developed by team articulate in order to make e-learning authoring multi-dimensional from the content author’s point of view.

Storyline 360

In brief, listed below are some of features and updates of Storyline 360 which are not present in Storyline 2 as well as Storyline 1:

Responsive Player for Tablets and Smartphones Custom Fonts for Closed Captions
Responsive Preview Toolbar Toggle Closed Captions On/Off with Triggers
Responsive Playback Restrictions Dial Interactions
HTML5 Gesture Support Orient Objects to Motion Paths
Publish to Articulate 360 for Articulate Review Rename Motion Paths
Articulate 360 Content Library Integration Trigger Action When Objects Intersect
Content Library Templates Trigger Action When Object Intersection Ends
Content Library Characters Trigger Action When Object Enters Slide
Superior HTML5 Output Trigger Action When Object Leaves Slide
Publish to HTML5 First/Only Square‑Corner Button Styles
Import Closed Captions Broadcast‑Level Audio Optimization
Enhanced Picture Placeholders New Design Elements for Result Slides
Publish Scenes or Slides Best Right‑to‑Left Language Support
Final Thoughts

Consequently, a sample creative made by using Storyline 360 can be viewed at: http://ow.ly/IuRs309Rnut. Generally, Articulate 360 Content Library, Content library templates, Content library characters, Enhanced picture placeholders, Trigger action when object enters slide, Right-to-left language support are some of the features which were used in making the creative.

In conclusion, this creative work was made as a part of 12th PAN IIM Annual Golf Meet sponsored by Stratbeans Consulting.

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