Why Go For A (Saas) Cloud-Based LMS over A Hosted LMS?

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Most corporations are jumping on LMS band wagon using the SaaS model.  Since its economic, most easy to manage.  The SaaS model reduces the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the LMS for an organization. It comes with no hidden costs for maintenance and infrastructure setup.

So, still wondering why go for it?

1) No Delay In Implementation

With a SaaS LMS, one can quickly get on-board with their training. Since the dependency on the implementation of the LMS does not take months but a day! Implementation time is short for a cloud-based LMS. This is because the infrastructure already exists. Also, the implementation requires simply the master data set up. A new instance of the cloud platorm is created for the customer you and you can simply start using it. Stratbeans’ ATUM LMS allows your LMS instance to be set up in less than a day. You may initiate training your workforce in a matter of 4-5 days. So as a matter of fact we want that your organization’s learning and training be up, running and save up on time and ultimately cost.

2) Aim For a Better ROI and Expect Lower TCO

A better ROI and a lower TCO can be achieved with a cloud-based LMS. There is no investments in infrastructure cost, maintenance cost, upgrading costs, or branding costs, which reduces  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

3) From CAPEX to OPEX

Cloud-based LMS model aims at converting capital expenditure into operational expenditure. Thus the customer can scale up the investment as the usage grows while the vendor can pool together many customers and get high volume business. Which makes it a win-win situation for both the customer and the vendor.

4) Scalability
Scalability, Cloud based LMS, Learning Management System, eLearning, corporate training, learning and development
Cloud LMS Provides Scalability

With an already established infrastructure in the cloud-based LMS, high scalability prevails irrespective of the organizational growth plans. Cloud based LMS platform and infrastructure are continuously updated in order to keep up with market demands.

The architecture of the LMS is designed to handle any user load if there is a sudden spike in the number of users there is no break-down during peak time, which allows fast ramp up of capacities.

5) Easy Upgrades and Wide Reach
Cloud based LMS, Learning Management System, eLearning, LMS, corporate training, faster implementation
With Cloud based LMS, Get Fast Training Implementation

A new upgrade automatically implemented across all instances without the worry about activation of the latest features. In comparison to hosted solutions, no need to worry about the hassle of upgrading new modules.

More so over, you need to keep your employees updated with the latest information and knowledge; this is where the SaaS model comes in handy, since access can be provided with internet connection via PC, Tablet, Smartphones etc. So here your organization is able to have a wider reach of imparting the required training for your employees that are always on the move.

6) Seamless Integration with Third-party Software
Third-Party Integration, single sign on, LMS, cloud based LMS, Learning Management System, eLearning, Corporate Training
Seamless Third-Party Integration

Most of the time organizations require their HRMS data or PMS data to be integrated with the LMS from a reporting perspective and with readily available APIs – this is possible with the ATUM LMS that to without any integration efforts / customizations.

Therefore, Stratbeans provides Single-Sign On (SSO) optimisations to organization that want to go for an integration with a third-party software with the LMS.

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